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About me

I am doing dogsport since more than 27 years. After I started in Obedience and Agility, I switched to Ringsport and finally got certified as decoy for Mondioring and Belgian Ring in 1998. As a son and grand-son of dogsport fanatics it became very fast clear, that this apple didn't fall far from the tree.


provided all over the world


During the seminar we explain our system to you. A system that is build up in steps. Using this steps, you can even train most bitework exercises indiviual at home before bringing them to a decoy.


Here we help you according your individual level. As a team we will train your dog and work out a plan so you can continue training at home.

Decoy education

Decoying is a LIFETIME EDUCATION. Knowing this we try to provide you the necessary tools and skillset to start your journey as training and/or competition decoy.


What the trainers say

"Best ever"

"Tireless in explaining"

" I have been so Lucky to get to learn from the best in the world. Learning mondioring decoywork has been a blast and having Kees  Coach me and give me encouragement along With criticism to improve has been the best ever.

"Kees was tiresless in explaining his Methods and more important the reasoning behind them."


"The decoy workshop was fantastic. Kees showed us a lot of exercises but most of all he showed us how to progress With our dogs without a qualified decoy… Lots of information and homework.

Mondio really is accessible."

Crystal Wing (USA)

Allyson Tohme (UK)

Corinne Wrend (UK)



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